Estimated delivery time

The delivery time for each order varies according to the selected freight and the post office in your region. Therefore, the estimated time is around:


  • FREE USA STANDARD, 15 to 20 business days for shipping.
  • EXPRESS USA SHIPPING, 10 days after confirmation of payment.


  • FREE International Standard shipping, 15-40 days.
  • International EXPRESS shipping, 15-20 days. 

It is extremely rare that this period is extended since our standard freight enters a special modality known as ePacket (a treaty made between several countries, to guarantee the speed of international shipments).

Currently, we at HimyNymi do not work with stock for the prompt delivery in the USA. This is due to the high costs for warehouse maintenance and the high turnover of our products.

Based on this decision, we entered into secure partnerships with several multinationals, which means that our products are sent from all over the world.


Tracking code

For us, one of the main assets that our customers may have is the Tracking Code for their products. We usually make it available within 1 to 7 business days after payment confirmation.

When will a delivery delay occur?

In some cases, when customers do not include shipping data correctly, it is necessary for our service team to contact you requesting such information. This occurs within 1 to 5 business days and, in fact, can delay the order arrival process.